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Google's Gmail App Changed Its Iconic Logo, But Nobody Signed Up For it

By: Buzz Staff


Last Updated: October 07, 2020, 09:40 IST

Image credits: Google/Twitter.

Image credits: Google/Twitter.

Gmail was one of the many apps which got a logo change and is Google's red, blue, green and yellow colours.

Remember the days before smartphones or laptops when to have access to the Internet you’d have a desktop computer, with dial-up Internet? As a kid, the first thing you’d often do under parental supervision was set up an email.

Your first e-mail may have been Gmail, or Yahoo or MSN (or Rediff for desi kids), but the envelope icon stayed same. For Gmail, the iconic red and white logo that popped up has stayed constant through your years of manually type www in the URL bar to having the app on your phone – the logo has remained more or less the same.

And now it’s changing. Google is replacing the iconic Gmail envelope logo with a design that’s a lot more in keeping with other Google products.

The new Gmail logo is now an M made out of Google’s core blue, red, yellow, and green brand colors. It more closely matches similar logos for Google itself, Google Maps, Google Photos, Chrome, and many more Google products. Goodbye, envelope.

But turns out not everyone was stoked about it. All the same colors leads to more confusion.

A report in Fast Company revealed that Google considered dropping the M altogether or fully removing the Gmail red color, but people involved in user research studies weren’t happy with the changes. The studies did, however, help Google realize that the envelope part of the Gmail logo wasn’t a critical design element, allowing the team to experiment with keeping the M and adding Google’s traditional color palette.

first published:October 07, 2020, 09:36 IST
last updated:October 07, 2020, 09:40 IST