Groom Skydives from Aircraft to Join 'Baraatis' Directly At the Wedding Venue

Image credits: Instagram/WedMeGood.

Image credits: Instagram/WedMeGood.

On the wedding day, the 500 odd guests were informed of an approaching storm, but Yadav did not want to give up and opt for skydive.

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Brides and grooms try to make their wedding special and memorable one. People these days opt for theme weddings; destination weddings while some opt for breaking the stereotype and make rituals more interesting by adding a new flavour to it. Recently, a groom made a grand entrance at his wedding leaving the baraatis and guests all surprised.

Akash Yadav, who got married to Gaganpreet Singh, opted to dive from an aircraft to his wedding venue in Mexico's Los Cabos. As Yadav took the sky-way, gliding down in a parachute to his wedding destination, guests around cheered him from the ground.

A video of Yadav's grand and innovate entry to his wedding has gone viral on social media. One of the videos show a person capturing the groom's entry and guests reactions, asking one of the groomsmen, "How crazy is this?" to which the groomsmen replies, "Look at that," as he looks and shoots the parachute glides down the clear blue sky.

The video shared on Instagram by WedMeGood also shows guests waiting at the wedding venue, trying to spot the groom and capture the sight.

The viral video has so far received around 10,700 likes. Many users took to the comment section saying that they would want to try the same for their wedding.

According to a report by IndianExpress.com, Yadav was initially supposed to arrive at his wedding venue on a boat along with his friends and family, but he had to turn down the plan due to legal reasons. He then chose to skydive to his wedding.

"I smiled and looked at my planners and said 'if I can’t come by sea then I’ll come by sky'. They laughed and when it quieted down, I said, 'No, I'm serious'. And the rest is history," the groom was quoted by the daily.

UK-based photographer Zohaib Ali, who shot the wedding, told that the groom's entry was "crazy", and it was the first time he had seen something like this. He also said how difficult it became for him to shot the groom's entry.

Zohaib Ali said his team had to coordinate the dive. He said they could not contact Yadav after he took the plunge from the aircraft and hence, they kept on looking up and anticipating his jump, the daily reported.

On the wedding day, the 500 odd guests were informed of an approaching storm, but Yadav did not want to give up and opt for skydive.

The daily quoted the groom saying that he did not expect that the video of his entry to his wedding venue would go viral. "I had no idea people would freak out the way they did. I told my brother that morning as he was waking up that I was skydiving into my baraat and he said ‘shut up, no you’re not’ and went back to sleep. I did it 100 per cent for me and the fact that it’s gone viral is just icing on the cake."

According to the report both the groom and his wife Gaganpreet Singh are professional dancers and actors in the US. They got married in traditional Hindu ceremony in Mexico.

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