Gross! TikTok's New 'Pee Your Pants' Challenge is Definitely Not What We Signed Up For

Image credits: TikTok.

Image credits: TikTok.

The grossest TikTok challenge yet?

Due to the sharp rise in the COVID-19 cases, most parts of the world are under lockdown in order to curb the spread. Even though the measure has been taken for the larger good, it cannot be denied that it does bring a lot of boredom along with it.

In order to curtail the boredom many users on social media have come up with a variety of trends and challenges ranging from making new food items like the Dalagona Coffee to fashion-oriented challenges like Pillow challenge, shopping bag challenge to gross challenges like skull breaker.

Joining the league of gross challenges is the latest 'Pee in your pants' challenge. As the name suggests, the person taking part in the challenge has to film while urinating in his or her pants.

The challenge began on video sharing portal TikTok after a user named Liam Weyer filmed a video of himself doing the deed. The person is 19 years old and is a filmmaker and comedian based out of Kansas, US.

In the clip, he has shared on the portal, one can hear him say, "pee in your pants challenge". While his video has been viewed over 317 thousand times most comments on the post are that of disgust.

Even though the challenge is disgusting, quite a lot of people on TikTok especially have taken it up and have shared the video with #peeyourpantschallenge.

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