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Group of Black Bears Gatecrash Pool Party in US, Viral Video is Leaving Internet Shocked

Gatecrashing bears | Image credit: YouTube

Gatecrashing bears | Image credit: YouTube

A family of bears interrupted a pool party being held by young students in Tenessee to celebrate the US's lifting of Covid-19 restrictions.

With many people having been vaccinated against coronavirus, the Unites States is slowly heading towards normalcy. To celebrate their comeback to normalcy, a group of high-school students decided to throw a party by the poolside at a resort. Little did they know that their get-together would be interrupted by unexpected party crashers. The group of Tennessee students of the Jefferson County High School JROTC were at Chalet Village in Gatlinburg, relaxing over the weekend, when suddenly they noticed some furry guests taking over the pool, bathing and splashing water around.

A group of young black bears joined the students as they chilled by the poolside. About seven black bears crashed the aforementioned party at a vacation spot in Tennessee, taking over the pool and tennis courts. The clip of these black bears partying has taken the internet by storm.


One of the students, a girl named Michelle Johnson, captured the incident on her camera and shared it on YouTube. While sharing the video, she explained in the caption that although black bears in the Great Smoky Mountains are beautiful, one needs to be respectful, keep their distance and aren’t supposed to feed them. She also reminded people to not disturb wild animals.

The video was shared on a local news channel and needless to say, it quickly went viral. Michelle shared the video from the WBIR Channel 10 page on her Facebook and wrote, “Right place at the right time I guess. The guys at Chalet Village said they had never seen so many at one time.” The furry creatures surely are giving everyone party goals through this video.

Many viewers adored the animals having a great time in the pool, although a few of them joked about how the pool’s too small for their big party. Some also added that with resorts and hotels being without tourists for so long due to COVID-19, the bears feel even more comfortable in the setup.

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first published:May 30, 2021, 10:29 IST