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British Children are Dressing up as 'Scary' PM Boris Johnson for Halloween

British Children are Dressing up as 'Scary' PM Boris Johnson for Halloween

Pennywise from 'It', Spider Man and joker topped the list of most coveted and scary Halloween costumes in UK this year.

Halloween means scary costumes, trick or treating and spooky, carved pumpkins. However, this Halloween, children in United Kingdom are dressing up as a real-life character - Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

As per research conducted by Beano Studios that specialises in producing children's content, Boris Johnson is on at no 10 when it comes to the most popular Halloween costumes among UK children this year.

Johnson, whose move to suspend Parliament to hasten a no-deal Brexit was roundly criticised before being revoked, is not the only inspiration for costumes this year.

The Beano survey which involved speaking to 2,000 British parents and children, found that almost half of the respondents drew inspiration for Halloween costumes from Brexit. 66 percent parents thought johnson was the "ghastliest' character in pop culture right now. 25 percent respondents chose to dress up as other popular British politicians such as Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, Metro UK reported.

Beano even shared a video of how to dress children as BoJo this Halloween.

Almost two-thirds of the respondents considered Johnson to be the "scariest" celebrity. However, his record was trumped by US President Donald Trump himself who people agreed was the MOST "scary" celebrity in the world.

Apart from politicians, the other popular costume choices for Halloween, as revealed by the survey, include Joker, Wonder Woman, Spider Man and characters from Netflix's Stranger Things. The most scary costume was Pennywise, the murderous clown from It.

Not just costumes, the political mood of UK seems to have permeated even festive decorations. Brexit-themeed Jack-o-Lanterns with carved political slogans are also a hit. Recently, Groupon launched at-home pumpkin carving kits that come in range of options so people can choose a politician's face they want on their pumpkin. The options Johnson, Corbyn, Speaker of The House of Commons, John Bercow, or Nigel Farage, leader of The Brexit Party, among others.

Social media was lit with peole dressing up in BoJo costumes to join the fun.