Harbhajan Singh and Shikhar Dhawan's Banter Over Hilarious Instagram Video Has Fans in Stitches

Image credits: Harbhajan Singh / Shikhar Dhawan.

Image credits: Harbhajan Singh / Shikhar Dhawan.

Veteran spinner Harbhajan Singh saw the glimpses of his friend in a funny video.

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Cricketers Harbhajan Singh and Shikhar Dhawan are close friends and both often display their affection on social media. They react with funny comments on each other’s posts.

Harbhajan had given a new nickname to India team's Gabbar after seeing him pose during lockdown. Bhajji called Shikhar "Babbu".

This time the spinner saw glimpses of his friend in a funny video.

Sharing it on his Instagram account, Harbhajan wrote: "Hadh hai. Jattaaa this reminds me of you @shikhardofficial tag ur friend who is like this".

In the short video, a mother can be seen going out of the door to throw the garbage.

The woman has a garbage bag on one hand while holding her baby in the other. A few moments later, she comes back with the garbage bag still in her hand and but the child is missing.

It takes her a while to realize what she has done, when she dumps the bag on the door and makes a run for the kid.

Dhawan responded to the post too.

He wrote in the comments in Punjabi: "Maalko hath jhodey, aesha mainu aida hi sut ke aandi bahaar jey aeh kita hunda main (Sir, I pray in front of you. Aesha (Shikhar’s wife) will make my condition miserable)."

Bhajji commented with laughing emoticons on Shikar’s comment.

Netizens also had their share of fun from the post.

The video has been viewed by over 1 lakh Instagram users.

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