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Hardik Pandya Wore a Really Expensive Watch to Surgery and Time Stood Still on Twitter

Hardik Pandya Wore a Really Expensive Watch to Surgery and Time Stood Still on Twitter

Pandya was recently seen sporting a Patek Philippe Nautilus to his back surgery in London.

Hardik Pandya may have been ruled out indefinitely from cricket owing to a recent lower back surgery but that hasn't kept him out from limelight.

On Saturday, the Indian all-rounder updated his eager fans through his social media channels about the successful surgery he underwent in London, United Kingdom, and that he was extremely grateful to his well-wishers. He was also optimistic to return to the grind in no time.

As soon as Pandya's photos from the hospital went viral, there were a sea of fans and friends who wished for the all-rounder's speedy recovery.

However, several others noticed something unusual resting on cricketer's wrist, a sight perhaps rare for a hospital bed. What was it? A shiny wristwatch!

Others went into the specifics and recognised the exact model of the watch Pandya was sporting.

If you aren't well-versed with the watch world, Pandya was seen sporting in what seems like a Patek Philippe Nautilus. The timepiece manufactured by the legendary Swiss luxury watchmaker Patek Philippe is considered by many as the "holy grail" in the watch industry.

While we couldn't ascertain which model Pandya wore in the picture, it looks like to be the self-winding Rose Gold Nautilus (in 18K rose gold case) with a reference number 5980/1R and Caliber CH 28‑520 C. The watch also carries the chronograph and date complications.

Image: patek.com

What's so special about the rounded-octagonal timepiece?

The aforementioned model, much like the rest of the Nautilus family, goes for several crores and model 5980 retails at a whopping price tag of $169,995 or Rs 1.2 crore and upwards. Due to its high demand in the watch community, this particular timepiece can go for as high as Rs 13 crore.

Image: chrono24

But that is not even the best part.

In a video shot and uploaded by London Watch Collector on YouTube last year, the watch enthusiast documented how difficult it is to acquire a Nautilus and the watch in the UK and much of the world comes with a minimum waiting time of 3-5 years.

TL;DR: Hardik Pandya wore a really nice watch to his back surgery and he appreciated his fans appreciating his rare and important timepiece.

Meanwhile, Pandya first sustained the injury during the Asia Cup in UAE last September. He recovered to play in the IPL and the World Cup before the injury resurfaced.