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Have You Seen The Ancient Pen Drive Yet? #InternetMahabharata Takes Over Twitter

Photo credits: @praveengavit / Twitter

Photo credits: @praveengavit / Twitter

Tripura Chief Minister Biplab Deb was mocked for saying ancient India invented the Internet.

Time and again our ministers have come under the scanner for their bizarre theories on ancient India.

For instance, did you know Brahmagupta-II discovered "law of gravity" before Sir Isaac Newton did? Or that Darwin's Theory of Evolution of Humans was scientifically wrong?

Latest to join the club is Tripura Chief Minister Biplab Deb who recently said that the Internet is nothing new to India and that it existed even in the days of Mahabharata.

Speaking at a public event in Agartala, Deb said that the blind king Dhritarashtra would get regular updates about the battles of Kurukshetra through Sanjay, who was also nowhere near the battlefield like him and this was possible only through “technology and satellite communication”.

File photo of Tripura CM Biplab Kumar Deb. (PTI/File photo)

Of course, Internet went berserk over CM's comment and Twitter users imagined Internet in the Mahabharata era.

In closing, we'd like to quote Breaking Bad's Jesse Pinkman. Yeah science, b*tch!