Here's a List of Online Games You Can Play While Staying Indoors During Janta Curfew

File photo of Narendra Modi.

File photo of Narendra Modi.

Most offices in India have asked their employees to work from home and adopt social isolation. Here's one of the ways you can pass time.

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The novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is gripping the country. The state governments have shut malls, gyms, restaurants, schools and universities to curb the sharp rise in the positive cases.

Following the advisory, most of the offices have asked their employees to work from home and adopt social isolation.

More and more people, who are currently home, are streaming various online services for both entertainment and work. A lot of them are beguiling their time by playing online games.

So we are here to help all the bored people out there with a list of games that they can download and enjoy for free.

1. Call of Duty League: This game provides cross-platform experience. The game has various versions/ stages with the latest being Warfare Battle Royale mode, which created a stir in the market soon after its release. The solo mode will support 150 players, just like the squads’ version, for a total of 50 squads per match.

2. Dota 2: It is a multiplayer battle arena game. This is considered to be the most played game online. The players are called Dota heroes and close to 100 people can play at the same time.

3. League of Legends: This action-strategy game is targeted at those who love to compete in hard-hitting battle. It is fast-paced and is available on mobile and consoles.

4. World of Tanks:> This is specially designed for those who want something beyond guns. Gamers are attracted towards this because of the armed machinery and the battery of tankers. The game is played in 7x7 format with a variety of modes in more than 25 locations.

5. Warframe: This game is based on a sci-fic theme. Each player has a designated role to play in this game. From forming a team to board ships, gather wreckage and explore drifting ruins, the entire episode is a teamwork. The space combat mission game is available across all platforms.

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