Hillary Clinton Having a Zoom 'Limit Reached' Notification Pop Up During Live TV is Peak 2020

Image credits: Twitter.

Image credits: Twitter.

It appeared that neither Clinton nor MSNBC upgraded their Zoom accounts for unlimited meeting time.


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This may just be the image that defines 'Peak 2020.'

A global pandemic has re-shaped our views of life and we're slowly getting used to the 'new normal,' as its here to stay. Zoom calls, are the new normal - and 40 minutes into it, the tiny message which shows up saying you're about to hit the limit unless you buy the paid version, remains true for everyone. Even former US Presidential candidates.

Former Secretary of State, FLOTUS, 2016 presidential candidate, and feminist trailblazer Hillary Clinton, appeared on MSNBC ahead of the first presidential debate on Tuesday.

Clinton declared that Trump's "series is about to be canceled." Her remarks, however, was interrupted by the all too familiar Zoom pop up: "Your meeting will end in 10 min."

It appeared that neither Clinton nor MSNBC upgraded their Zoom accounts for unlimited meeting time.

Usually, some error like this would call for trolling, but it's 2020, and the Internet related to the sentiment a lot more than usual.

Hillary Clinton too, chimed in later saying that she will, in fact upgrade her Zoom. Soon. Maybe before the next presidential debate?

The US Presidential debate, which took place on Tuesday, can be summed up in one word: chaos.

Joe Biden and Donald Trump exchanged heated barbs Tuesday, attacking each other's competence and credibility, in a fiery first presidential debate 35 days ahead of the most tense US election in recent memory.

There was no handshake as the two men took the stage and while this was due to Covid-19 restrictions, the absence of the traditional greeting symbolized the bitterness engulfing the country in the final countdown to November 3.

Just minutes in, the debate turned into an all-out and personal brawl as they raced through issues from a Supreme Court vacancy to the coronavirus pandemic to the US health care system.

At one point Biden even said the line of the night which became iconic shortly, 'Will you shut up, man?'

Like we said: Chaos. Here's a summary in tweets what watching the debate was like.

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