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'Home Tutors Available': Nagpur Police Offer Grammar Lessons To Scammers in Hilarious Twist

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Representative Image

Nagpur police have yet again shared a post to bring people’s attention to online fraud. However, the post has sparked laughter online.

We are all aware of the fake and fraud messages that one gets. More than often, the language of these SMS or Whatsapp messages is wrong. Further, incorrect spellings are a way of identifying fake messages.

The Nagpur police in a tweet shared screenshots of various fraud messages. Captioning the pictures, the police said, “Dear Scammers, We would love to teach you some lessons in grammar. Home Tutors available. Contact - 07122566766 A Cyber Cell official will be at your doorstep + free stay at lockups!

The tweet has received a good amount of traction. Many people in reply to the tweet have shared their personal experiences of encountering fraud messages while some have raised their concerns regarding.

A person, who had received a fraud message, shared a screenshot of it and lauded the police who helped him late at night, “I received the same message 2-3 days back… As soon as I saw the spelling mistake, I understood that it is a fraud...But thanks to Nagpur City Cyber Cell that you looked into the matter...One more thing…”.

In another tweet, the person continued his statement, in which he added, “Continuously I am getting from different numbers such messages regarding RummyCircle to send the message... Although I never registered my number on any such website or app...Maybe this is also a scam...I once again thanks Nagpur Police Cyber Cell for their Good Work…”

Another person raised concerns about, how do such fraudsters get a valid sim. He said, “Sir, Two Things bothered me always; 1) How did these fraudsters get SIM Cards? 2) How Could these fraudsters open and close bank accounts so easily, because money they looted from people transferred to bank accounts only! Why Don't police Cut the

Root Cause of these fraudsters”.

Some other reactions included:

Since its upload, the hilarious post has created a buzz on the internet, racking up 1300 like and a range of comments.

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