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How a Christmas Day Photo of William, Kate, Harry and Meghan Changed a Woman's Life Forever

How a Christmas Day Photo of William, Kate, Harry and Meghan Changed a Woman's Life Forever

To date, the 'Fab Four' photo has earned Karen Anvil over £40,000 or Rs 34,40,080.

Auxiliary Nurse Karen Anvil from Watlington, Norfolk has shared a story of how she clicked a photo of Prince William, Duchess of Cambridge Kate, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry on Christmas Day, and how subsequently it went on to change her life forever.

According to a story published in The Sun, the photo was clicked by Karen while she stood outside St Mary Magdalene Church in Sandringham and suddenly after a ripple of excitement running through the crowd saw William, Kate, Meghan and Harry striding towards her direction smiling and waving as they arrived for the Christmas Day service with the rest of the royal family.

"Leaning over the barrier and taking a picture, I had no idea it would change my life forever," The Sun quoted her as saying.

A lifelong fan of the royals, when she learned in December 2017 that the royals would be spending Christmas in Sandringham and going to the church near their house, Rachel (her daughter) and Karen decided to try to catch a glimpse of her.

At that point of time, Kate was pregnant with Louis and Meghan and Harry were making their first appearances as an engaged couple.

As the four were walking towards them, Anvil wished them a Merry Christmas and all of them except William looked directly at her. She took a snap of the moment on her phone, and tweeted it.

Within minutes, she was bombarded with tweets from newspapers and websites, asking if they could use her photo of the ‘Fab Four’.

Subsequently, a photographer messaged and put his agent in contact with Anvil and they said she should be charging a fee every time someone used the photo.

A single mum who had two jobs working as an NHS training coordinator, her life changed from that moment.

Her daughter and she barely had money for luxuries and back in 2017 and she had been diagnosed with a chronic kidney condition as well, but one click changed the course of her life for the better.

As the photo went viral around the world the royalty cheques started to arrive, with the first being for £15,000 and Karen realised for the first time that she could take a break, improve her health and revamp her home as well.

In 2019, Apple invited her to the BAFTA red carpet because she had taken the shot on her iPhone and Rachel who had accompanied her mum snapped Kate Middleton’s arrival at the event as well.

They were even able to go on their first holiday together and to date, the photo has earned Anvil over £40,000, money which she has been able to set aside money for Rachel’s future.

As for the future, Karen dreams of going back to the church in Sandringham on Christmas and snap the royals with their children and thank them if possible, for she believes none of it would have been possible if they had not looked at her at that moment.