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How a Random Post on Twitter Helped a Man Save His Mother's Life

Image credits: Tammy McSimov / Facebook

Image credits: Tammy McSimov / Facebook

'Dear everyone who works at @Twitter, you saved my mom’s life this week.'

Anurag Verma
  • CNN-News18
  • Last Updated: May 21, 2018, 11:28 AM IST
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The Internet is plagued with abusive accounts and faceless trolls that when you come across that rare positive story on your timeline, it leaves a broad smile on your face.

Shane Mac, a San Fransico resident, is thanking the microblogging site after a stranger on Twitter connected him to a doctor who later saved his mom's life.

It all began a year ago when Shane Mac was diagnosed with thoracic outlet syndrome. Mac sent out a tweet and asked for help. After noticing the tweet, a stranger who had undergone a similar surgery before, privately messaged Mac and connected him with Jason Lee, M.D. at Stanford.

Come 2018, Mac's mother, Tammy McSimov, started having leg pain.

"I got the ultrasound on my legs, I got the ultrasound on my heart, I got the ultrasound on my arteries, I went through the stress tests," McSimov told ABC7News.

McSimov was diagnosed with the peripheral arterial disease. According to her son Mac, some doctors in LA even said that they needed to cut her open all the way down and required a high-risk surgery for recovery.

Worried, Mac immediately forwarded his mom's files to Jason Lee, the doc he had consulted a year ago for his own illness. Lee informed him about how her disease was solvable and she wouldn't need to be amputated.

After undergoing the microscopic surgery adviced by doc Lee, McSimov's both legs are almost back to normal blood flow and with tears of happiness in her eyes, she bravely walked out of the hospital on her own.

Mac, her son, wrote a heartfelt post on Twitter thanking the website.

My mom had 90% blockage in both arteries to her legs. Some doctor in LA said need to cut her open all the way down her body and high risk surgery for recovery.

A year ago, I tweeted about my surgery which was also cardiovascular and a Standford person DM'd me randomly follwed me on Twitter. Said dr lee is best in the world. I went and saw him.

When my mom called me devastated I forwarded her files to dr lee, the random guy from twitter who I went and saw about my surgery. He responded instantly "I can help"

My mom did a new microscopic surgery, both legs are 90% back to normal blood flow and she walked out of the hospital able to walk a mile and feeling great and crying because of how good she felt.

A seemingly random tweet led to my mom walking again. Such is life. Randomness that becomes meaningful.

Thanks for working on a company that truly I care about and now is the reason for my work cofounder and my mothers health.

McSimov, back on her feet, expressed gratitude to her son and doc Lee.

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