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How Many Elephants Can You Spot in This Perfect Shot? Viral Photo Has Twitter Baffled

How many jumbos do you see? | Image credit: Twitter

How many jumbos do you see? | Image credit: Twitter

An image of a group of elephants drinking water at a lake in perfect synchronicity has been going viral on Twitter.

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A picture of a group of elephants standing in a water body, probably a river, has left netizens scratching their heads. Now, the question arises what’s so confusing in that photo. Actually, at the first glance, nothing seems perplexing. But, the claim by WildLense Eco Foundation, which shared the picture on social media, made things interesting.

Putting out the image, WildLense wrote, “Some frames are flawlessly awesome when you get 7in1 frame & that too in total synchronization.”

Although people could only spot four jumbos, WildLense claimed that there were seven in the group.

When Tweeple could not find the other three elephants, they asked the NGO to help them identify them. WildLense, responding to the query, numbered six elephants and told people that the seventh one was not visible.

A user asked, “What am I missing. I could count 4 in this perfect frame.” To which, the NGO replied by uploading the same picture, but putting numbers on them.

WildLense on Thursday also posted a video of the same group of elephants to provide more clarity on their number. The video shows the jumbos moving around after drinking water from a river. When they stepped out of the river, then it became clear that they were seven, not four. Two of them were very small.

Uploading the clip, it asked netizens to “watch carefully till the end how this is 7in1 frame.”

The video has garnered over 2.5K views.

According to Hindustan Times, the picture and video were captured by wildlife photographer Gyaan Dixit last year during his trip to Jim Corbett National Park, Uttarakhand.

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