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How PM Modi's Autograph Led to a Flood of Marriage Proposals for a Woman From Bengal

Image credits: PTI / ANI

Image credits: PTI / ANI

'I and my sister are even getting marriage proposals.'

Rita Mudi, who was injured during Prime Minister Narendra Modi's rally in Bengal, has become a celebrity in her hometown. All because she got an autograph from the PM.

Ninety people were injured after a portion of a makeshift tent collapsed during a rally by PM in West Bengal's Midnapore district on 16 July.

The incident took place around 1 pm when thousands of people gathered at Midnapore College ground to take part in the Krishi Kalyan Sabha.

Image credits: PTI

After addressing the rally, the PM went to the hospital to visit the injured. One such victim, Rita Mudi, requested Modi for his autograph. What Mudi had not anticipated was she would be getting marriage proposals after Modi's visit.

Image credits: PTI

Speaking to ANI, Mudi said, "I became a celebrity. Me and my sister are even getting marriage proposals."

The villagers thronged to her house just to click a selfie with her, now a celebrity.

Along with his signature, Modi also left a note for Mudi. "Rita Mudi, tum sukhi raho (Be Happy, Rita Mudi)."

According to officials, the prime minister saw the tent collapsing while he was in the middle of his speech. He immediately instructed the SPG personnel standing near him to look after the people and attend to the injured.

After a brief pause, PM Modi started his speech again and said, “People in Bengal are very courageous. Despite the crumbling down of one of the tents, people preferred to stand here amid heavy rains. I would like to salute you all. I have never witnessed such dedication before.”