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How Sushma Swaraj 'Rescued' Indians With Her Sense of Humour and Epic Twitter Comebacks

How Sushma Swaraj 'Rescued' Indians With Her Sense of Humour and Epic Twitter Comebacks

Swaraj's quick wit and humour on social media earned her the informal title of being a 'Twitter Minister'.

Sushma Swaraj is no more.

The former External Affairs Minister of India passed away on Tuesday night after suffering a massive cardiac arrest. She was 67.

Swaraj was perhaps the most-approachable politician Indian government ever had. A woman of many firsts, Swaraj's empathy towards fellow Indians struck a chord with young and old alike with her round-the-clock social media presence. Her eagerness to assist the distressed made her one of the most-followed politicians around the globe. She wasn't just a cabinet minister, she was an online star.

Passport or visa woes? Tweet to Swaraj. Stranded on foreign land? Tweet to Swaraj. Stuck alone on a honeymoon? Tweet to Swaraj. Refrigerator isn't working? Tweet to Swaraj.

While Swaraj didn't shy away from resolving big and "small" issues that concerned her countrymen and women, it was her ready wit and sense of humour that separated her from the rest, something that was appreciated by her followers and admirers on social media and outside.

We have listed a few instances when Sushma Swaraj's light-hearted banters and funny side lit up Twitter.

#1 When a man was "stuck" on Mars

A couple of years ago, a Twitter user had reached out to the then foreign minister narrating about how he was stuck on Mars and inquired her about Mangalyaan 2 (Mars Orbiter Mission 2, set to take off in 2024) mission and its launch date that would in turn provide him with food supplies to survive on the Red Planet.

(Archived tweet)

This was Swaraj's response.

#2 Malfunctioning refrigerator

A desperate man with a broken fridge during the harsh Indian summers of 2016 chose the "Twitter Minister" to complain about his faulty Samsung refrigerator. Not only did he tag Swaraj, Ram Vilas Paswan too found a mention in his unusual appeal.

"Samsung REFRIGERATOR (RT28K3922RZ/HL), bearing serial # (03E04PAH201870M). @Samsung_IN is forcing me go for repair," the man tweeted along with the fridge's serial number is all seriousness.

(Archived tweet)

#3 When the minister "skipped" cabinet reshuffle meeting but made her presence felt anyway

Swaraj, in 2016, was unable to attend the swearing-in of ministers since she had to meet with the Foreign Minister of Hungary. The articulate minister took subtle dig at media.

#4 What do you do when you have a broken car? Tweet to the minister, of coure

Back in 2016, Twitter user @babuenterprises took to the microblogging site and informed Swaraj about the problems he was facing with his brand new Volkswagen Jetta car.

(Archived tweet)

While Swaraj couldn't help the man, she did provide him with an alternative.

#5 Uniting separated couples like a boss

#6 When a woman wished Sushma Swaraj had a son

She was as amused as the rest of us.

#7 Coming to the rescue of Indians, one tweet at a time

Twitter user Gavy, a resident of Punjab, was mocked over his "broken" English when he appealed to Swaraj to bring his unwell friend back from Malaysia.

He wrote, “I'm from India in Punjab but I'm now in Malaysia here one my friend mental I want send go back to India, but immigration say we are cannot help you first here treatment your friend after can I send India your friend can you ask immigration (sic).”

Taking none of the online schooling the distraught man went through, Swaraj hit back politely.

#8 Wedding delayed due to visa issues? Don't worry, Swaraj was there

Upset with visa woes hindering her wedding ceremonies, Twitter user @kianiistarr knocked on the doors of Swaraj.

"My poor sasuraal wale, mother in law and father in law have had to postpone the wedding festivities more than once in waiting for my visa to be issues. Please help this is their only son. They are looking fwd to the festivities (sic)," she had tweeted.

Unsuprisingly, the foreign minister didn't disappoint.

#9 Serving burns online was her forte

#10 Is Bali safe? When Sushma Swaraj "consulted" a volcano

A man planning a trip to Bali wanted to know if travelling to the tourist destination was safe from natural calamities.

“is it safe to travel bali. We have a bali trip on 11.08.18 to 17.08.18. Is it safe? Is their ny advisory has been issued by our govt. Kindly guide us soon (sic).”

#11 When "Chowkidar" Sushma Swaraj was asked who was running her Twitter account

"Certainly it's not Sushma Swaraj who is doing this tweets. Some PR guy is doing his/her duty for what they being paid for !!," Twitter user @samitpadhy had tweeted.

Swaraj responded in a lighter vein, saying, "Rest assured - it's me, not my ghost."

And when she was questioned over her "Chowkidar" username on Twitter, she replied with tongue-in-cheek humour, "Because I am doing Chowkidari of Indian interests and Indian nationals abroad.

#12 Online trolls didn't dampen her high spirits

"Aap ki bhi boht yaad ayegi ek din #SheilaDixit Ji ki tarah Amma (you will be missed one day just like Sheila Dikshit)," a troll responded to Swaraj's tweet mourning the demise of former BJP president Mange Ram Garg.

"I thank you in anticipation for this kind thought," the unfazed minister quipped.