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How 'Cute Baby' Taimur Ali Khan Turned Into Internet's Favourite Meme

Photo credits: Yogen Shah

Photo credits: Yogen Shah

Here's how 14-month-old Taimur Ali Khan became Internet's obsession.

It's no secret that our media (including us) is obsessed with Kareena Kapoor Khan and Saif Ali Khan's kid Taimur Ali Khan.

Taimur's perfect airport look, Taimur getting a gym membership, Taimur posing for the paparazzi, cute baby Taimur enjoying Christmas, chubby-cheeked Taimur spending quality time with parents-- In short, the kid is all over the Internet doing a LOT of things.

To be honest, I know more about Taimur than I know about the kids in my family.

The kid was only a few days old and his name stirred up a controversy on Twitter.

While the not outraged ones did what they had to do.

The obsession reached its peak when Taimur became the hot topic during Arun Jaitley's Budget 2018.

And now Taimur, a little over a year old, has become social media's obsession. Taimur is beyond media's favourite kid. He is the newest Internet meme. And for Twitter users, they are busy mocking Indian media who are projecting the famous kid's daily routine activities as if it were a nuclear launch.


Lucky boi.

Like this one, amirite.

Taimur is important.


Kabhi aao khusboo laga kar.

Only things that matter!

Can vouch.

Taimur is in Saif hands.

Where's the potty tonight?

That's right.

Accuracy is essential.

Quite possible, to be honest.

India, 2040:

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TL;DR Cute baby Taimur ne khaana khaaya?