Hungry Dormouse Gets Stuck inside Bird Feeder after Eating Too Much

The dormouse inside a bird feeder.

The dormouse inside a bird feeder.

A hungry dormouse stayed inside the bird feeder for more than two hours, eating its heart out.

Cheryl Hewins, a 72-year old woman living in England’s Isle of Wight, could have never imagined the guest who would feast on sunflower seeds and millet in her bird feeder.

A hungry dormouse stayed inside the bird feeder for more than two hours, eating its heart out, but when the time arrived to leave the party, he found himself stuck because of its large size, reported Daily Mail.

Seemingly, the mouse ate so much that he got stuck inside the bird feeder. The woman was surprised when she found the mouse stuck there. She connected with Hampshire Dormouse Group and spoke with Catherine Holder from the group.

Speaking about the incident, Catherine said that Cheryl panicked when she discovered that the mouse is inside her bird feeder.

Catherine saw the pictures of the dormouse shared by Cheryl. Seeing the photos, she was able to confirm that it was indeed a dormouse. She then suggested Cheryl to release it in the nearest vegetation cover in the garden.

Catherine says that dormice are not the kind of creatures who stay in the garden. “It’s quite unusual for someone to see them sitting still, blinking at them.” Catherine thought that it was hilarious that the dormouse sat inside the bird feeder like a chunk.

The report states that Cheryl said, “I’m glad he enjoyed his meal.” Dormice generally do not visit gardens. They are nocturnal creatures found in Asia, Africa and Europe. They are known for hibernating for longer periods. Because of this reason, they are named dormouse. The name is derived from the word dormeus, which means the sleepy one.

The animal can hibernate for six months and even more, till the weather is not warm enough for them to show up again. During summers, they accumulate fat in the body so that they can stay in hibernation for longer periods. They generally eat nuts, fruits like berries and other seeds.

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