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Husband's Gutka, Alcohol Addiction 'Makes' Wife Elope with Lover in Kerala

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Last Updated: June 23, 2021, 20:36 IST

Representative Image.

Representative Image.

According to the police report, the housewife has run away with the Palakkad Mannarkkad resident whom she met through social media.

A 22-Year old housewife, who fled from Pala Poovakulam, Kerala with her lover, has surrendered at the Ramapuram Police Station. The woman stated that she has eloped with her boyfriend because she could not stand her husband’s consumption of ‘Panparag’ along with alcohol. She has presented the statement before the magistrate through a video conference. According to the police report, she ran away with the Palakkad Mannarkkad resident whom she met through social media. It is said that she had planned all of this in advance. The housewife has slept with her husband till morning 4 am, thereafter, she got up and pretending to go to the bathroom, on that time she ran away with her lover. The boyfriend was waiting near her house and they went to Shornur, Palakkad.

Earlier, the husband had discovered the illicit relationship over the phone with her boyfriend, on that instance, he snatched the phone from his wife and destroyed the SIM. So during the elopement, the housewife has taken the SIM and mobile phone of her husband.

When the husband knows that his wife was missing, he immediately lodged a complaint with the Ramapuram police station. The police have traced the mobile phone in the possession of the housewife in Shornur and Pattambi. When the housewife and boyfriend thought that they would be caught by police, they informed the Ramapuram court that they will appear in person. The two reached the Ramapuram police station last day.

The housewife told the police that they were married in a temple by the roadside and revealed that she did not want to live with her husband anymore. Police recorded the statement in detail and later produced her in Pala court via a video conference. The court has granted permission to both of the people after the statement revealing that she wanted to live with her boyfriend. Thereafter, the former husband reached the station and returned home alone.

In another incident, a woman named Renuka,25, a native of Andhra Pradesh was arrested for quitting her engineering job and engaged in a drunken deal with her boyfriend. According to the police statement, she quit her job to make easy money by involving in a business that involved cannabis with her boyfriend and friends. Apart from Renuka, another accused Sudhanshu Singh was also involved and got arrested. He is a native of Bihar.

Renuka quit her civil engineering job and started selling cannabis. Meanwhile, the main accused Siddharth who is the girl’s lover is absconding. He is also a graduate of a reputed management college in Bangalore. A full swing investigation of the police revealed that Renuka and Siddharth were college classmates and fell in love.

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first published:June 23, 2021, 20:36 IST
last updated:June 23, 2021, 20:36 IST