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Husky's 'Workout Session' With a Toy Goes Viral, Watch Adorable Video

Credits: Reddit

Credits: Reddit

The video of Husky doing exercise with a toy goes viral within hours of its upload on Reddit.

Social media is full of entertaining content, and some of these videos showcase the antics of pets and animals to often grab the attention. One such video of a dog doing exercise has left netizens surprised. The clip that has been shared on Reddit shows a dog lying on the floor and holding a toy with his front paw, just like a human, as he performs the workout. He can also be seen lying on the ground. Shared a day ago, the clip has gathered over 17,100 upvotes and tons of comments. The adorable clip left everyone amused. Netizens can’t stop gushing about it. A user commented, “I bet that was his favourite toy. Isn’t it?” Another user wrote, “I just love watching that doggo play with his toy!”A third one wrote, “It looks like they noticed they were being filmed and got embarrassed!”

This is not the first time that a doggo has been seen doing such amusing acts. Earlier, an Australian Shepherd named Tesla’s video doing a wall stand has gone viral on social media. The pooch can be seen performing the exercise with the support of a wall. She can also be seen joined by another dog, Tycho. The clip was shared by an Instagram pageTesla & Tycho. The post is captioned, “Some fun on a morning walk."


Since being shared online, the clip has been viewed thousand times. The users have flooded the comment section with their reactions. A user commented, “Now just get them to twerk on the wall!!! Lol!!!!” Another added, “I think Tesla was pretending to be allergic to either this trick or Tycho."

The Instagram page Tesla and Tycho is dedicated to these dog duo and often shares pictures and videos of them on their page.

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first published:July 08, 2021, 13:00 IST