'I am a Woman, Hear me Roar': These Powerful Tweets on Feminism Are What You Need Today

Image for representation.

Image for representation.

Feminism is essentially about having equal rights as the men and for that, wome have constantly waged battles throughout the ages.

Feminism as a concept has often been critiqued and misunderstood by many. Some have even misjudged it as an idea of women who hate men and associated it with male bashing. It is essentially about having equal rights as the men and for that, wome have constantly waged battles throughout the ages.

While it took time, some battles seem to have been won but many are yet to be successful. And even though we do not need any particular day to remind ourselves of how the cocnept of equality should resonate in all of us, some women and their powerful thoughts on feminism makes us sit up and take note. Here are some powerful tweets on feminism to make your day.

With 800 and above retweets, this tweet makes a sarcastic joke with a little hint of being hated to be born as women.

American author and journalist Jennifer Wright tweeted about a dialogue of a man complaining about being oppressed in this society if he is not expressive enough. The tweet was retweeted by 3k people.

A twitter user tweeted about how the men are stuck with fascist opinions and the podcast are being subjected to men dominated talks.

Another user tweeted that the amount of hard work and troubles women put in to reach their career goals.

The image in these tweets depicts the way men behave in society whenever women raise their voice on feminism or being a woman.

Comedian Becca O'Neal tweeted a strong message in support of the ‘MeToo movement.’

The Twitter user said that like the fact that ‘roses are red and violets are blue’ there are no men who can tell a woman what to do. She emphasized that women should be able to do whatever she likes.

Ashley Graham tweeted that emphasized ‘beauty beyond size.’

The twitter user talks about baby showers that usually reveals the gender of the baby but actually the gathering to decide to be happy if it’s a boy or undesired if it is a girl.

The picture is actually about a signboard which says ‘Men’ and write ‘Step Up’ below it. It’s funny though but the tweet wants to says that men should literally step up in their thinking power.

This tweet is about the patriarchy of the society where women are put inside the kitchen.

Amy Schumer posted a picture of the ‘Pirelli Calendar’ shoot with the caption “Beautiful, gross, strong, thin, fat, pretty, ugly, sexy, disgusting, flawless, woman.”

The twitter page ‘WomanAgainstFeminism’ came up with this interesting tweet.

This one spoke of men, rather masculinity and the miconceptions attached to it. Men can also be as fragile as glass and it doesn’t relate to their masculinity with strong physical or emotional features.

This tweet is a reply to the people who still comment that women should be only in the kitchen.

The tweet depicts the understanding of the people on the word ‘feminism’ and ‘gender equality.’

This one spoke about the problems attached with victim shaming.

One of the twitter handlers tweeted “My feminist dream is to one day not be surprised when an item of clothing I’ve bought has pockets.”

This one is actually from a a book titled “Men Explain Things To Me.” It’s an essay collection.

A sarcastic tweet that quotes ‘I feel like Men aren't sending us their best people.’

The Tonight Show writer Rachel Wenitsky tweeted this one.

This tweet questions the mindset of the people that blames a girl always.

Zendaya tweeted that women are also beautiful without putting on make-up.

Even though this is not even a drop on just how sassy women can be on social media, we hope you enjoyed reading through all of them and can even make up some of the very best feminism quotes.

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