I Have Been Making 'Dalgona Coffee' Since Childhood: Note from Not-a-Millennial to Instagram Influencers

Photo: Instagram/ MissVancityFoodie

Photo: Instagram/ MissVancityFoodie

This is not the first time millennials have dug out an existing tradition or recipe, given it a modern day twist, a fancy name and made it go viral on social media.

Paramita Mukherjee
  • Last Updated: March 30, 2020, 7:16 PM IST
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For the last few days, social media has been buzzing with a brand new trend - Dalgona Coffee. The trend first originated on video making platform, TikTok before going viral on Facebook and Instagram as well.

The name, Dalgona, gives the recipe an exotic undertone and is enough to make you Google it. And that's what I did, too. But turns out, Dalgona Coffee is just your plain, average, run-of-the-mill cold coffee with a fancy name!

The process of making Dalgona coffee is simple. You take coffee powder, mix it in hot water and add crushed sugar. Then you're supposed to whisk it, or beat the mixture with a spoon or fork if you don't have a blender. Once the texture changes into a frothy mixture, you add that to cold milk and Voila!

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The whip took almost 20 minutes of constant stirring by hand. It's nice we get to enjoy the coffee after the workout for the day is done! ☕ #dalgonacoffee

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But thanks to the hype on TikTok and Instagram, this is now the latest trend to have taken social media by storm. Here's the thing - this "recipe", or what I simply call making coffee, has existed for generations. Why the hoopla now?

Well, one reason could be that people are simply seeking out ways of dealing quarantine or self-isolation owing to the global crisis caused by the Coronavirus pandemic. In times of social distancing, social media seems to be the only means of escape for people.

However, this is not the first time millennials have dug out an existing tradition or recipe, given it a modern-day twist, a fancy name and made it go viral on social media. In 2019, a simple chickpea stew, which most Indians have consumed as a staple for generations went viral after an Instagram chef uploaded a photo and shared a recipe.

Every time such dishes go viral, the formula is the same - an age-old classic recipe, an elaborate name and aesthetic photos on social media.

To be perfectly honest, what millennials lack most is originality, although they possess creativity in abundance. After all, it takes some serious powers of imagination to turn something as ordinary as cold coffee into a viral social media trend and even pull in celebrities to take part in the challenge!

Yes, without a doubt, social media is where you can share your thoughts, achievements and whatnot. To be fair, Facebook does ask 'What's on your mind?' when you log in. But here's what I fail to understand - is it really that easy to remain oblivious to what's happening in the country and instead choose to live in a rosier and merrier social media reality?

At present, thousands of migrant workers in the country are stranded, without food or shelter and with no certainty with regards to their future. Renowned statistician Pronab Sen had even said that India may be on the verge of a food riot is current scenarios persist. Yet, the youth of the country seem to be more concerned about posting their Dalgona Coffee recipes and flaunting their culinary talents. Escapism at its best?

(The author is a homemaker in Kolkata.)

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