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I Tried a 'Futuristic' Hand Sanitizer Out for a Day. Here's What it Was Like

By: Raka Mukherjee


Last Updated: August 10, 2020, 13:28 IST

Image credits: News18.

Image credits: News18.

Look mum, no hands!

2020 has become one big, bad omen for the entire world, starting with a global pandemic after which things generally took a downturn.

Face masks, gloves, face-shield, washing hands for 20 seconds, Covid-19, coronavirus, hand sanitizers, PPE, social-distancing, quarantine, have all become part of our every day lives and vocabulary.

With people growing increasingly reliant on hand sanitisers for its promise of 'killing germs without water,' there are new products everyday which try to make the process of disinfecting a little easier: spray guns, walking through a sanitized UV frame door, and even the new 'vaporizers.' The options were too many to not try out at least one.

So I tried out a no-touch hand-sanitizer that strapped onto my wrist like a watch and looked like it came from the future.

The WatchOut sanitizer solves the problem of sanitizing your hands, without having to touch multiple other surfaces in the process.

The sanitizer comes in a leak-proof aerosol bottle that comes pre-filled with a 85% alcohol-based high quality hand sanitizer solution. It is inserted into a small square rubber band, which is then fastened onto your wrist, the same way you wear a watch.

With a little nozzle on the side, it's a one touch spray to sanitize your hands, or any surface you place within a short distance. A rubber strap, and absolutely lightweight, you forget that you're carrying around an extra product.

"Hand sanitizer is cumbersome, messy, and rarely there when we need it most," said Allan Klepfisz, Co-Founder of WatchOut. "WatchOut is a simple, yet effective solution to one of our most pressing problems."

This remained especially true. When looking for a sanitizer while you desperately need it, the product is often inside a bag, or the pocket of your jeans - all possible surfaces that may carry the virus.

I opened a lock, touched by many other people, to exit the main gate of my apartment. Instead of touching my bag, and then rummaging inside till I find the bottle, I could simply spray sanitizer onto my hands, ensuring no other items were contaminated in the process.

Stepping out, I had to visit multiple places, including an essential grocery shop, where I could instantly sanitize the money handed back to me, before putting it back in my wallet, as well as sanitizing my hands after using public transport.

In India, as things slowly re-open after lockdown, the options of washing your hands with soap and water are few, and the only thing you have to rely on is your hand sanitizer. You either risk contaminating multiple things you touch, or you can ensure they're virus free.

Even though the pandemic has made germaphobes of all of us who are constantly deep cleaning everything, it's easier if you can control your chances of contamination. WatchOut is the simple solution to just that.

The only drawbacks to the product is it can store a small quantity, which will be enough for you to use for a few times outside, but may need refilling in a few days. The other drawback is that because the nozzle is a spray, you can only use liquid hand sanitizer, and not gel.

“The coronavirus pandemic created a new normal in which we all must adjust our way of life and our habits, specifically,” said Tomas Varga, Co-Founder of WatchOut. “We want to find solutions to a new way of life.”

As we've adapted to the new normal, hand sanitizers have already become part of our future. And WatchOut does make carrying it around, much easier. You also get to feel a little like Spiderman shooting sanitizer out from your wrist.

first published:August 10, 2020, 13:28 IST
last updated:August 10, 2020, 13:28 IST
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