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ICC's Cricket Puzzle on Spotting Kohli in a 'Sea of KL Rahuls' is Harder Than You Think

ICC / Facebook.

ICC / Facebook.

It's not as easy as it looks.

The International Cricket Council (ICC) attempted to trick cricket fans on the occasion of April Fool’s Day. Taking to Facebook, the ICC asked cricket lovers to spot the face of Indian team captain Virat Kohli in the sea of KL Rahuls.

The ICC was clearly trying to play a prank as Kohli was not present among many faces of Rahul. Sharing the post, the ICC wrote, “Can you spot Virat Kohli in this sea of KL Rahuls?”

The post has gone viral as it has garnered over 20K reactions and 5K comments. It has also been shared over 550 times on Facebook.

Reacting to the post, one user wrote, “Definitely we hv so much time to waste and ICC too (sic).”

Another said that the ICC was getting bored during the home quarantine.

Some people also tried to troll back by saying they had, in fact, spotted Kohli. They even mentioned the position where they saw his face.

A netizen said Kohli and Rahul look identical because of their beard.

The ICC last year too had played a prank on cricket lovers on April Fool’s Day. It tried to fool fans with some false news of change in rules.

It took to Instagram to share various posts notifying about new rules.

In one of the post, it said that as per new rules players’ t-shirt during test match would carry number as well as their Instagram handles, instead of their names.

The ICC wrote, “As part of our efforts to make the game more appealing to younger generations, the ICC will be applying both numbers and #Instagram handles to kits from the beginning of the #WorldTestChampionship.”

Here are some other posts that the ICC used to trick fans last year: