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Ice-cream Made with McDonald’s Chicken Burger is the Food Fusion No One is Ready for

This ice-cream hasn't found any takers so far.

This ice-cream hasn't found any takers so far.

Chicken patty, mayonnaise, lettuce and ketchup--all the yummy elements of the burger are smashed into a distasteful ice-cream.

Weird food combinations have taken the internet by storm a lot of times. Food experiments have become a trend in the past few years with people sharing the outrageous food combinations like chocolate magi, chocolate momos, rasgulla biryani, gulab jamun pancakes and much more. If the horror of these wasn’t enough, another fusion dish has come to haunt every food lover’s dreams.

A Twitter user shared a video of a man making an ice-cream from McDonald’s Chicken Burger and as expected, netizens are left disgusted by the horrified combination. The video has become viral on social media but for all the wrong reasons.

The two-minute video opens with the man holding the McDonald’s Chicken burger, proceeding to mash it into fine pulp. Before mashing, he shows the contents — chicken patty, mayonnaise, lettuce and ketchup — to the camera, then chopped it using two metal slicers. After it turns into a pulp, the man added milk and cream to the mixture, gently rolls the mash and serves it into a small cup.

Watch the complete video here:

Since it has been shared, the video was viewed more than 2 lakh times, with over 2000 likes. People are outrageous over the unusual combination and have not shied away from sharing their feelings in the comments.

In one of the hilarious tweets, a person stated "this is the reason why joker left his job at McDonald’s and went crazy."

Another one asked God to provide peace to McDonald’s soul.

One of the users wanted to know who made that dessert so he could slap them.

Another one wondered what the man in then video did with Domino’s.

A person wrote he wanted to puke after watching the video.

Few of the users have claimed the video is from Pakistan after someone said it might be from Gujarat, India.

A good food combination or not, there were definitely best hilarious memes shared on the thread. People used pop culture references to express their feelings over the weird combination.

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first published:February 18, 2021, 12:38 IST