If You Must Dance to 'Sacred Games 2' Intro Music, Do it Like Rajpal Yadav

If You Must Dance to 'Sacred Games 2' Intro Music, Do it Like Rajpal Yadav

'The same Video of Rajpal Yadav dancing on different songs' Facebook page is a work of art. Find out here.

Anurag Verma
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  • Last Updated: August 28, 2019, 8:41 AM IST
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Rajpal Yadav cannot stop dancing but nobody is complaining.

The Doorbeen's new song Prada featuring Alia Bhatt has only been out since a couple of weeks and it has already taken the pop music lovers by storm.

First, the judges of Dance India Dance 7 -- Kareena Kapoor, Raftaar and Bosco Martis shook a leg to the catchy tunes of the song in a DID episode, then it was Bollywood comedian Rajpal Yadav uploaded a version of his Prada dance during his workout at a gym.

His rendition was received well by his fans and viewers alike and has fetched over 330K "likes" since the time of upload.

"Gaye the gym karne aur Prada Song sunke chadh gayi masti...mazaa aa Gaya sunke gaana!!" Yadav wrote on his Facebook page.

Following the footsteps of the funny man, the Internet did what it does. Now the web is filled with mashup videos of Yadav dancing to different songs every day. Yep.

A Facebook page called The same Video of Rajpal Yadav dancing on different songs came into existence only a week ago and has raked in thousands of likes with members contributing to the page with their own hilarious edits of the comedian dancing.

The motive behind setting up such a page? "This is somewhat like a genre of content, I've seen foreign pages do this on funny videos of people or a person dancing. So when I saw Rajpal Sir dancing I was like yeah this is it," the admin told News 18.

Started in August by 19-year-old Aftab Chawan, a second year BMM student in Mumbai, the page is here to stay (at least for a while).

"I wanna run it forever, I'd start posting some memes and sh*tposts as well once the audience is built strong," Aftab further added.

From Ya Ali to Zara Zara Behkta hai to Jinne Mera Dil luteya to Badshah Masala nothing has missed Rajpal Yadav's dancing prowess.

What's so funny about it?

The page reviews will tell you.

excellent work, pure art on display for public

very good quality. I am impressed.

The world is a better place knowing that this page exists

Life changing page.

Motivational to say the least

Not sold yet? You'll have to watch them to know what we are talking about.

The only Weeknd you'll look forward to from now on

Himesh Reshammiya represent

Current Internet rage + Rajpal Yadav = Priceless

Aham Brahmasmi

Strangest Things

Deepika who?

God's Actual Plan

Ya Ali

Badshah Masala

The now-viral page is more or less based on a Facebook page dedicated to posting the same photo of Salman Khan every day.

And if you admire Jim Carrey, this particular page will not disappoint you.

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