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'Imran Khan Is Just Pakistani Trump': Trevor Noah's Latest Discovery in Comedy Show

'Imran Khan Is Just Pakistani Trump': Trevor Noah's Latest Discovery in Comedy Show

Donald Trump and Imran Khan same to same?

Trevor Noah's jokes often find themselves in a controversy. The host of The Daily Show often falls under a lot of scrutiny for its politically-inclined humor.

In his latest discovery, Trevor Noah has found a number of similarities between the recently elected and next designated Pakistani Prime Minister, Imran Khan, and the President of the United States, Donald Trump.

While Donald Trump is known for his very brash and problematic views, Noah breaks down point by point on how Imran Khan isn't drastically different.

Noah starts his segment by saying, "People are taking what Trump is doing in the US and rebooting it elsewhere - take Pakistan for example."

Noah shows clips of Imran Khan and then stops the video at his 'lair' which he calls, "The Pakistani Trump Tower."

He also states how, when you simply look at the news coverage of President Trump, it may just be "an even more tanned version of President Trump."

The ensuing montage shows that the news coverage for Khan is eerily similar to what the media had said about Trump before his election as president.

"Zero experience in government, but he promises a new Pakistan."

"He represents a strong, muscular nationalism."

"He's able to contradict himself in the same speech."

Noah continues the string of similarities --when Trump was doing Pizza Hut ads, Khan was doing Pepsi ads.  "Trump had three marriages in the tabloids, so did Khan," he adds.

He also highlights something a lot darker - shortly before Khan was elected, he too was embroiled in a sexual harassment scandal. "And just like Trump, he got through it," states Noah. The TV host then shows how people go crazy whenever both these leaders arrived in their private aircrafts, "as if it is the 1920s."

Trevor Noah ends it by saying, "I'm not calling Imran Khan the Brown Donald Trump...although, that would be funny."

He adds that he doesn't know what the future holds and if Khan will turn out exactly like Trump.

And while this is all in humor - Twitterati noticed, and realize that these similarities and realized that it could mean a lot more.

However, not everyone agrees with this stance, and finds it a 'West-centric gaze.'

And while people may be divided, the number of similarities still remain the same - and even if they do have a darker connotation, for people who seem to believe differently, they should just accept it as satire.