In House Bar: Kerala Families Stunned to Find Alcohol Flowing from Water Taps

Representative image.

Representative image.

A total of 18 families were affected by the unusual occurrence and being served alcohol mixed with tap water in Thrissur district of Kerala.

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  • Last Updated: February 5, 2020, 11:18 AM IST
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Residents of Solomon’s Avenue Flat in Kerala's Thrissur district were in for a rude shock after their houses turned into overnight pubs as the water taps installed in their homes served them the liquor they hadn't ordered.

After checking on one another, a total of 18 families were affected by the taps flowing with tap water mixed alcohol, reported manoramaonline.

Upon inspection, the residents narrowed down their search to the excise department, whose recent effort to destroy seized liquor had gone terribly wrong.

According to the report, it all began six years ago when a bar named "Rachana", located near the residence, was charged with unlawfully storing 6,000 litres of liquor.

The excise personnel intervened and the court later asked the officers to get rid of the illegal booze.

It took six hours for the excise sleuths to dispose of the liquor. They did so by digging a pit on the bar premises and emptied one bottle after another.

Little did they know, the well of Solomon’s Avenue Flat was located nearby and the alcohol had slowly seeped into the soil and "mixed" with the water.

That alcohol-water was later pumped to tanks of unfortunate residents that led to the comedy of errors.

Unimpressed with the goof-up, the disgruntled residents have knocked on the doors of Chalakudy municipal secretary and health department to take action against the excise officials.

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