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‘Indestructible’ Nokia 3310 Phone Turns 20 Years Old and Fans are Hit Hard With Nostalgia

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Last Updated: September 02, 2020, 09:36 IST

Nokia 3310.

Nokia 3310.

On September 1, 3310 completed 20 years in the industry and Nokia fanarmy has gone on a nostalgia ride.

Long before the iPhones and the Samsungs took over the smartphone world and the boring rectangle slabs became our daily fixtures, the Finnish company Nokia knew exactly how to make “dumb" phones and they were pretty darn good at it.

Nokia was unstoppable in the early 2000’s. The company churned one phone after another. With form factor being Nokia’s least of worries, the Finnish tech giant came up with the whackiest of designs. N-Gage, 7280, 7600, you remember.

While Nokia set the benchmark in the phone industry with 1100 and 1110, the bar phones that shattered sale records in the world and are currently the phones with most-sold units to ever exist, it was perhaps Nokia’s “indestructible" 3310 that left an indelible mark on its loyal fanbase. It sold a whopping 126 million units worldwide.

3310 came with a pre-installed iconic Snake game when graphics and phone battery was on nobody’s spec sheet. The phone was touted as a brick, an invincible phone that could bear it all. A nasty drop and the phone’s front and back panels along with the battery disassembled in a million pieces and popping them back in their place meant the phone was good to go. Shattered screens, what? This is the very reason why Nokia 3310 is still relevant in 2020, even if it were mostly for those “indestructible" internet memes.


3 years ago in 2017, however, Nokia brought 3310 back to the market with a revamped design. Many considered it a market gimmick by Nokia but it was (is) a very capable secondary phone nonetheless.

On September 1, Nokia 3310 completed its 20th anniversary and fans were hit with nostalgia all across. Many of whom took to Twitter to reminisce the good ol’ days of phones when phones were fun (h/t MrMobile).

The second iteration of the feature phone Nokia 3310 came with a 2.4-inch display with 240 x 320 pixels resolution and just 167 ppi of pixel density.

It’s a dual-SIM smartphone that was launched with only 2.5G connectivity. There is a microSD card slot through which you can expand the memory up to 32 GB.

The new Nokia 3310 got a 2-megapixel camera with a LED flash and is readily available for sale in the market today.

first published:September 02, 2020, 09:31 IST
last updated:September 02, 2020, 09:36 IST