'Indian Food is Terrible': How a Single Tweet from US Professor Riled up Desi Internet

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Image for representative purpose only.

On Sunday, Tom Nichols, a US professor and academic specialist on international affairs, shared a 'controversial' food opinion that left a bad taste among desi foodies.

Anurag Verma
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  • Last Updated: November 25, 2019, 11:21 AM IST
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Indian food's spicy. Occasionally.

Indian food's greasy. Maybe.

Indian food's terrible. That's blasphemous!

Twitter is a space where netizens pour their hearts out on a daily basis. Some happily share news and memes with their followers, others simply cook up unpopular opinions and watch the world burn.


So when, Tom Nichols, a US professor and academic specialist on international affairs, came across a tweet that urged Twitterati to share their controversial food opinions, he did the unimaginable.

Nichols, in all his honesty, admitted that Indian cuisine was terrible and the rest of the world pretended it to be otherwise.

An expert of national security affairs, Nichols' blanket generalisation about Indian food was a perfect recipe for disaster. Armed with forks and knives, desi foodies thronged to his timeline to dissect the "controversial" food opinion into bits and pieces.

"You have possibly never tasted such a spectrum of taste, aromas & spices in the US. Invite you to india to be our guest (sic)," responded an Indian user.


But it wasn't just the people back home rallying in support of Indian pakwaan. People from different nationalities and culture shared a similar sentiment and were clearly in strong disagreement with Nichols' bold claim. "Who's this "we"? Also they asked for "controversial opinions", not "wrong opinions", responded one user.

We'll just leave it here.

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