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Indian Men on Twitter List 13 Reasons Why 95% of them Don't Use Condoms

Photo credits: Durex | Instagram

Photo credits: Durex | Instagram

Condom maker Durex asked Twitterati why Indians don't use condoms and got some interesting responses from men.

Condom makers Durex sent the Internet users into a tizzy a couple of years ago when they "launched" Eggplant flavoured condoms only to reveal later that it was a publicity stunt by them to promote safe-sex among younger folks.

Now, in a campaign-- #HateCondoms that is already trending at #1 in India, the condom brand took to its Twitter page and asked one simple question-- Why don't Indians use condoms?

Soon enough, the tweet spread like wildfire on the site and Indian men came out with their own reasons for not using the contraception.

From being single to being shy, honest responses poured in.

Reason No. #1

Reason No. #2

Reason No. #3

Reason No. #4

Reason No. #5

Reason No. #6

Reason No. #7

Reason No. #8

Reason No. #9

Reason No. #10

Reason No. #11

Reason No. #12

Reason No. #13

Oh, well.

Given the population of our country that looks like some YouTuber's live subscriber count, this is no laughing matter.

More like condemn, amirite?

first published:March 05, 2018, 16:47 IST