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How to Sound Like Prateek Kuhad in Two Minutes: Musician's Hilarious 'Tutorial' Video is a Hit

By: Buzz Staff


Last Updated: March 01, 2021, 15:08 IST

Anshuman Sharma / YouTube.

Anshuman Sharma / YouTube.

Anshuman Sharma, who had previously shown us how to create a Ritviz song, is back with a hilarious video on how to sound like Prateek Kuhad in just two minutes.

Indian singer-songwriter Prateek Kuhad hasn’t looked back ever since his song Cold/Mess found a spot in former US President Barack Obama’s annual list of favourite songs by musicians from across the globe. Kuhad’s voice and songs have a fanbase of their own. In less than 100 words, his music makes you feel emotions you didn’t know music could stir up. And with a quick search online, you may find fans of his music give a new dimension to his songs with covers only complimenting the singer.

But what if you were to create a random new Prateek Kuhad song that doesn’t even exist in anyone’s playlist? Plus mimicking an established singer is no easy feat.

However, one vlogger cum musician has achieved just that. Albeit in a humourous, sarcastic manner.

Titled: “How to Sound like Prateek Kuhad in 2 minutes”, Anshuman Sharma delivers what he promises.

Sharma lists out a few pointers to produce a Kuhad song. “Pick a really relatable topic like heartbreak, proposal, or life itself,” he says at the beginning of his now-viral video.

He then suggests picking words that make you “question your existence.” The words he shortlists? Zulfein, rahein, palkein.

In Step 3, he simply introduces simple chords. In the next step, perhaps the most important one, pretend you’ve to cry, to really emulate Kuhad’s style of singing. PS: Sharma hilariously yet eerily gets close to the celebrated singer’s voice.

Sharma then stitches them all together and the end result is a Prateek Kuhad song you may add to your playlist now.

The content creator also informs that the song is only a joke and not to be taken seriously or offence to.

“Prateek Kuhad has some really amazing songs, and this is just a joke, consider this a summary of how to make a song like him. So don’t take this too seriously, it obviously didn’t take two minutes to make this lmao, and don’t forget to have fun!”

Earlier, Sharma had gone massively viral seemed to have cracked singer Ritviz song-making, all within two minutes and eight steps.

Lyrics from a random word like aasman (sky) followed by few random sentences put in sync with the sound of classical instruments like tabla, south Indian wedding music and singing as if high with few other steps and the vlogger makes something like a Rivitz song.

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