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Indian Numerologist Believes Changing 'Corona' to 'Caronaa' Will End the Global Pandemic

Image credits: Twitter.

Image credits: Twitter.

'If you use the changed spelling of CARONAA and COVVIYD-19 then it will disappear from the world' reads the viral banner.

What’s in a name? Quite a lot, if you ask a numerologist. A year and a half of a global pandemic the world has lost over 32,56,034 people to the virus, with over 15,60,77,747 people being affected. While there is no cure to the virus, the world is still reeling under the effects of the invisible disease: with masks, sanitisers and vaccines which hopefully change the world for the better. Could there perhaps be a different cure, one which doesn’t involve a vaccine or medicine? An Indian numerologist from Anantapuram in Andhra Pradesh certainly believes so and the proof may be a banner that has gone viral on social media.

A Twitter user recently shared a photo of the advertisement along with a caption that read, “You can find comedy anywhere these days.” In the advertisement, the spelling of ‘Corona’ and COVID-19′ was changed to ‘Caronaa’ and ‘Covviyd-19’ respectively. “If you use the changed spelling of CARONAA and COVVIYD-19 by affixing the same to either door or in public places or by tying the banner in all public places, CARONAA will be disappeared from not only from Ananthapuram dist. but also from the world. This is a guarantee as it is divine power as per NUMEROLOGY,” reads the banner.

The man behind the advertisement is SV Annandd Rao, who, according to the banner, is a stenographer at a judicial department in Ananthapuram. Rao, who seems to have added extra Ns and Ds in his name, also shared his contact details for further assistance.


Numerology, according to is an ancient study that draws meaning from different numbers, number combinations, letters, and symbols in your life. This art can help us tap into the underlying patterns of the universe and reveal new truths about who we are."

Allure added that, “Just as astrology the planets and zodiac signs are connected to specific attributes within astrology, according to the teachings of numerology, certain numbers are associated with specific traits or themes. These numbers are used to offer insight on personality, future events, and even life’s greater purpose."

A journal article, “Science and Numerology," published in The Scientific Monthly Vol. 37, No. 5 (Nov., 1933), pp. 448-450, by the American Association for the Advancement of Science, however, mentions that “in dictionaries of the future, Numerology will be defined as a pseudo-science," and adds that it is “the opposite of science."

There have been no scientific backing to prove that numerology works, even though numerologists and astrologers have drawn conclusions from logic for the method.

News18 has independently reached out to SV Annandd Rao and is waiting for a comment.

Numerology hasn’t been the only desi solution to come up in times of Covid-19. Recently, BJP MLA Surendra Singh claimed that the spread of Covid-19 can be controlled using ‘gaumutra’. In the last year alone, bizarre cures for coronavirus were recommended: Paapads, kadhas, ice-creams, concoctions of herbs and plants were being touted as cures for the virus infection.

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first published:May 10, 2021, 16:04 IST