Indians Are Calling Out White Comedian for Her 'Racist' Jibe in Netflix Special From 3 Years Ago

Christina P: Mother Inferior / Netflix.

Christina P: Mother Inferior / Netflix.

The now-viral video from Christina P's Netflix special shows the comedian talking about her mother remarrying an Indian guy.


Buzz Staff

Canadian-American stand-up comedian Christina Pazsitzky aka Christina P has managed to irk the Internet with her "racist" jibes aimed at Indians in a Netflix special that was released back in 2017.

Titled "Christina P: Mother Inferior", the comedian dives into the realities of motherhood and the subsequent "hatred" she felt towards her husband after the baby was born.

While Christina was lauded for her relatable mom takes and "dark and offensive" content overall, it was a bit from her 59-minute-long gig that somehow surfaced on microblogging site Twitter which didn't sit well with the Indians.

The now-viral video from her special shows the comedian talking about her mother remarrying an Indian guy. Imitating a sitar, Christina says: "Indian guy, man. Like diarrhoea not cowboy. Indian", before adding, "Temple of Doom, not Dances with Wolves."

"7-Eleven, not 911," she says stressing on a common stereotype attached to Indians running convenience stores in the States. "I call that guy the "Turbanator" every day."

Christina was slammed for her "overt racism" while many others tagged Netflix questioning the OTT platform on how they gave the show a green signal while simultaneously taking a stand for diversity and Black Lives Matter.

"Another day of another racist, mediocre, unfunny white person getting a platform they didn’t earn or deserve," wrote another Twitter user.

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