Indians are Googling if it is Safe to Travel to Goa Even During Coronavirus Lockdown

File photo of Goa

File photo of Goa

Are you sure you still want to travel to Goa?

Jashodhara Mukherjee
  • News18.com
  • Last Updated: March 18, 2020, 2:45 PM IST
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Even as India grapples with the coronavirus Pandemic which has already claimed three lives in the country, Indians are busy googling if it is safe to travel to Goa. Yes, as we deal with a global pandemic and mounting deaths, some only seems to be worried about their trip to Goa.

Google trends shows that Coronavirus is the most talked about and searched topic on the search platform right now. While that is quite natural given the circumstances, here's what stood out for us. A majority of Indians were also searching if they could still travel to Goa.

Here's proof:

The answer, for those wondering the same, is NO. The Indian government has issued a strict advisory on travel and has asked citizens to stay at home as far as possible. Yes, that means avoiding travel unless absolutely essential. And that also means that you should probably cancel your trips to Goa unless you really have to go.

More importantly, the Goa government has also imposed a lockdown. All public places in the tourist spot, including pubs, bars, swimming pools and so on, have been closed since March 15. Are you sure you still want to travel to Goa?

Currently, the number of confirmed coronavirus cases in the country has crossed 140 whereas globally, the pandemic has affected over one lakh people. In times as dire as this, social distancing and self quarantine seems to be the only way to avoid contracting the virus.

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