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Indians Quote Bible, Sanskrit Poem on Locust Attacks, But Zaira Wasim's Quran Tweet Got Her Trolled

Image courtesy: Twitter

Image courtesy: Twitter

If looking for religious context in Bible is fine, what exactly is wrong with a verse from Quran?

Actor Zaira Wasim has once again come under the attack of trolls on social media after she quoted a verse from Quran on the locust attack in India and other countries.

“So We sent upon them the flood and locusts and lice and frogs and blood: Signs openly self-explained: but they were steeped in arrogance- a people given to sin -Qur’an 7:133 (sic).” She wrote in a tweet on May 27.

But soon trolls unleashed an attack on the Dangal actress forcing her to delete her Twitter and Instagram handles.

The actress is once again being targeted over her choice and religion on social media. Last year, Zaira announced to quit her acting career and cited Islam for her decision. But opinions kept pouring in from left, right and center infantilising the actress and her decision.

And this week, when she quoted the verse from Quran, it seemed to be a déjà vu of the year gone by.

“#ZairaWasim you left acting for quitting Twitter, Instagram and this list will goes on in future..Your stubborn religious thoughts harming you and really feel sad about it.. wish you come out of it as soon as possible..coz we love you and miss you (sic),” read one of the many comments on Twitter.

#ZairaWasim soon started trending on social media with some people supporting her, while many others slammed her calling her ‘Hinduphobe’ among many other things.

We would have wanted to believe that the flak that Zaira drew on social media after posting a Quranic verse has nothing to do with Islamophobia, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. Google trends are here to reveal something to us. Since the news of locust attacks broke, people in India have been looking up Biblical passages on the event to understand what the religious book says about the event.

Locust attacks have been a part of nearly all religious textbooks. Ancient Greeks talked about locust attacks and so did Sanskrit poems dating back to 747 BC.

If looking for religious context in the Bible is fine, what exactly is wrong with a verse from the Quran? Is that Islamophobia speaking?

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The locust attack has affected nearly 64 countries, including India and Pakistan. The locust attack, a cyclone, earthquakes coupled with the ongoing pandemic has been giving apocalyptic feels to us all.

In July 2019, Zaira, who last appeared in ‘Sky is Pink’with Priyanka Chopra and Farhan Akhtar, took to social media to announce her decision of quitting the acting career. "As I had just started to explore and make sense of the things to which I dedicated my time, efforts and emotions and tried to grab hold of a new lifestyle, it was only for me to realise that though I may fit here perfectly, I do not belong here," she had written in a lengthy social media post.

"This field indeed brought a lot of love, support, and applause my way, but what it also did was to lead me to a path of ignorance, as I silently and unconsciously transitioned out of imaan [faith]. While I continued to work in an environment that consistently interfered with my imaan [faith], my relationship with my religion was threatened."

Social media was quick to voice its opinion and tell the 18-year-old how her decision was ill-informed and the issue soon became topic for prime time debates. Tweets like this one were common then also.