Instagram Has a New Filter Which Lets Indian Matchmaker Sima Taparia from Mumbai Roast You

Image credits: Netflix.

Image credits: Netflix.

Ultimately all our efforts are meaningless if your Instagram app is not up-to-date and the AI doesn't recognize your face.

Indian millenials have a new phrase which sends terror down their spines: "Hello, I am Sima Taparia from Mumbai."

Gone are the days when 'Six missed calls from Mom' was the phrase everyone dreaded hearing. For the younger generation, who has been dealt a more 'modern' hand at being open to new people, and a more robust dating culture than our earlier generations, the show Indian Matchmaking was absolute everything we didn't need.

While a lot of things prejudices presented on the show are still very much a reality in India, for the younger generations, watching Netflix is an escape mechanism, and hey, if we wanted to face bitter reality, we'd just go talk to our relatives, right?

The concepts of matching 'kundlis,' finding a girl who has 'fair skin,' and then Taparia's most famous line - 'You will have to compromise,' is something no millennial wanted to hear.

So millenials dealt with it the same way we always do: Making a meme out of it. Typing something enough times that it loses its original significance, and adding a hint of rAnDoM uppercase and lowercase letters to make a mockery out of it, we turn our misery into amusement.

And in this case, an Instagram filter.

Called 'Sima Roast' and created by Instagram user, Rebecca Daniel, @leftbrainedcenteraligned, AR filter creator, the filter has become an overnight success story for young Indians, both native and disapora to test out and see what Sima Taparia thinks of them.

The filter follows the exact same pattern as most AI-randomly generalized filters do, where they throw up an answer on random. The filter gets activated by recognizing your face, and starts shuffling from the second you hit record.

We tried the filter out, and here's the result of what Sima Taparia thought of me.

Untitled design (3)

Some of the other 'roasts' we tried out and found out included "Not tall, slim, trim. How will you get matches?" or "I think you need to change your talking pattern," or "For your height, I don't think you'll get matches," or our least favorite one -- "You are too picky. You should try to adjust a little."

We have to admit, we certainly do feel roasted.

To know what Sima Taparia would think of you if you were on the Netflix show, Indian Matchmaking, log onto Instagram, open stories and search 'Sima Taparia' in filters.

We have to warn you, however, ultimately all our efforts are meaningless if your Instagram app is not up-to-date and the AI doesn't recognize your face.

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