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Internet is Convinced The Simpsons Had 'Predicted' UK's Tier 4 Lockdown Situation

File image by Reuters.

File image by Reuters.

Many people in the United Kingdom are associating a scene from The Simsons with their country’s current situation in Tier 4 lockdown.

American animated sitcom The Simpsons has been a favourite across generations. The show revolves around a working-class man Homer Simpson and his family that is based out of Springfield. The family has his wife Marge, and their three children – Bart, Lisa, and Maggie. The show has had 32 seasons since its beginning in 1989. One of the strangest things about the show is that it has got some predictions about the world absolutely right. Of the many predictions that they have got right, the one regarding the coronavirus pandemic and Donald Trump being elected as the President of the USA have been spot on.

Now, what has been troubling quite a few people is an accurate prediction of events that are most likely to take place in January 2021. In one of the scenes of the Simpsons show, it was shown how the entire Springfield had been covered by a huge glass dome. In the film, this was done to protect Springfield from pollution. The orders to cover the entire city under a glass dome were given by the government of Springfield in the movie.

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Many people in the United Kingdom are associating it with their country’s current situation. Lockdown has been put on the country after another strain of virus, which is close to the COVID-19 virus, was found. Parts of the United Kingdom have currently been put under tier 4 lockdown. All flights from the UK to India have also been suspended for the time being. The ban on flights was done on December 23.

Moreover, Hardeep Singh Puri, the Indian aviation minister on December 30 took to Twitter to inform that the ban has been extended till January 7. In the tweet, he wrote, “Decision has been taken to extend the temporary suspension of flights to and from the UK till 7 January 2021.”

Many people also took to Twitter how they related with The Simpsons Movie on the day the tier 4 lockdown was being put.

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Another person, who shared a GIF from Simpsons, wrote, “We’re going to be placed in the dome from The Simpsons movie next! #Kent #tier4.”

Other kinds of reactions too have surfaced on other social media platforms. Knowing the fact that the previous predictions have been bang on, it will be no surprise if this one too comes true as shown in the film.

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