iPhone Loyalists Can't Keep Calm after Twitter User's Thread Shows Android Phones are Faster

The iPhone vs Android debate has risen once again on Twitter | Image creditL Twitter

The iPhone vs Android debate has risen once again on Twitter | Image creditL Twitter

Yet another Android vs Apple showdown is reaching its peak on Twitter.

It seems someone is really pissed at iPhones and their alleged inability to innovate and has created an entire Twitter thread ranting on how the Android phones are much better than iPhone.

A Twitter user by name Aly has started something of a virtual war between Android users and iOS users after they posted a long thread on how Android phones are much better.

The first tweet compared the speed of an iPhone and an Android phone. The video showed how Android phones responded faster to commands than its Apple counterpart. The next tweet showed Aly saying how Apple is not innovative anymore and those using it are just using it like.

In the following tweet, Aly listed a few points to explain their opinion. Aly asked people who were saying how android cameras are bad to understand that it was the android phones first to include a wide camera, night mode, and optical image stabilization.

To those who said iPhones worked better in the long run, Aly tweeted, “people are getting brave again lol saying iphone are better in the long run chile we all know y’all change your iphone when a new one comes out every year”.

They further said how the tech company founded by Steve Jobs stopped being innovative because people were buying the product anyway even if it had zero upgrades from its previous models. They said how Apple used to be the front runner of everything but now the company just copies its Android counterparts and is last to add the latest features like 5G, wide camera, night mode.

Apple users were pretty livid after facing such serious accusations as one iPhone owner commented, “Bro imagine having an android ...” Another user commented, “I was an android user for many years, this year I changed to apple and I can guarantee you that android is nowhere near apple!” Another loyal iPhone user commented, “Still not gettin’ a damn android”.

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