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Hyderabad Taxi Displaying Live IPL Score on its Rooftop Has Impressed ICC

By: Anurag Verma


Last Updated: April 09, 2019, 08:21 IST

Hyderabad Taxi Displaying Live IPL Score on its Rooftop Has Impressed ICC

At work? Attending school or college? Unable to catch live IPL action? This taxi in Hyderabad will keep you updated with live scores from the ongoing season of Indian Premier League.

"Score kya hua?"

To say cricket is huge in India is an understatement. The craze around the sport of bat and ball gets doubled when the Indian Premier League (IPL) brings in stars from all corners of the globe together to give a cracker of a season every year.

IPL 2019 seems no different. Thousands have been showing up regularly at stadiums to watch their favourite teams entertain them. For those who aren't physically present, online streaming websites and television sets come to their rescue.

But if you do not have the luxury of doing either (which is totally okay), a taxi will now satisfy your "score kya hua" curiosity by displaying IPL match score on its rooftop on the go - giving you the live cricket updates from the ongoing tournament in Telangana's Hyderabad.

The unique cricket-friendly taxi was first spotted by a Reddit user u/wordswithmagic which showed updates from Saturday's match between Chennai Super Kings and Kings XI Punjab, which the former won by 22 runs.

Cricket fans on Reddit hailed the taxi. Literally.

"Doing gods work"

"Everyone need to thank this guy for saving mobile Data."

"What a legend"

"Not all heros wear capes"

"1999: I bet we will have flying cars 20 years later! 2019:"

"Careful, hes a hero"

"Hyderabad is rad"

Cricket and no mention of Sachin Tendulkar? Not possible.

"I remember when Sachin was on his way to hit ODI's first double century in Gwalior and I was out shopping somewhere with my basic phone and no internet. Those days if you typed "CRICKET" and sent it to a number, it would return the score of an ongoing match. My balance was running out and I was spacing the SMSes carefully. After a long time I asked for the score and it showed 199 not out. And then I waited a full 10 minutes and sent the last SMS with that balance and when I saw the number 200 my joy was unlimited. Boy those were the days," wrote u/FresnoMac.

Unsurprisingly, the Reddit post went viral in no time and the taxi even had the cricket's governing body International Cricket Council (ICC) feeling impressed.

ICC later shared the photo from its official Instagram and Twitter accounts.

The good people of Twitter also had many good things to say.

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