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Irish Author's 12-year-old Daughter Tricks Him into Revealing Netflix's Parental Lock. Here's How

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A 12-year-old’s trick to get her parents code so that she could eliminate parental controls on Netflix as he wanted to watch her favorite show.

There is no doubt about the fact that Generation Z is tech-savvy and, in some cases, even smarter than millennials. The story of a 12-year-old in Ireland reaffirms the idea that Gen Z can outsmart previous generations.

Canadian author Ed O'Loughlin’s daughter wanted to get the parental code of her family’s Netflix account to watch a show. The author of several fiction novels lives in Dublin, Ireland, with his family.

As per Ed, his youngest daughter hacked the parental code by playing a trick. She applied light grease on the remote control so when Ed entered the code, his fingers wiped away grease from those particular keys of the remote. Based on her observations, she tried to decipher the combinations that were possible for the parental code.

His daughter finally got lucky when one of the combinations worked and she accessed Netflix.

Taking to Twitter, Ed described the incident as both frightening and impressive.

And what was the show for which the kid had put so many efforts? Ed reveals that it was the American TV series, The Umbrella Academy, which is rated 16 years and above on Netflix.

Ed’s tweet garnered over three lakh likes and 34k retweets.

Several parents commented on his post, sharing their own stories of putting parental code on Netflix and being tricked by kids.

One user said that the parental code and his son’s iPad code are the same. He wrote, “For now I have the unlock code set to my son's iPad unlock code. The day he solves it I will be happy and he will level up to the next difficulty.”

Another user shared an amusing story where his grandson learned the code of his mother’s phone by looking at the reflection of the phone screen in her glasses as she typed the code. Commenting that it has made things tricky for the kid’s parents who are now 8, the man said, “They change passwords weekly.”

first published:September 09, 2020, 15:25 IST