'Is There a Doctor On-board?' Memes About Parents Roasting their Non-Doc Kids Take Flight

Representative image / Hindi News18.

Representative image / Hindi News18.

Assuming that you are not a doctor by profession and aboard a hypothetical flight with your disappointed folks, where a medical emergency takes place-- you'll find the following memes relatable.

Anurag Verma
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  • Last Updated: November 28, 2019, 10:34 AM IST
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No matter how successful a career you have, your parents are going to, at some point, express their disappointment in your life's choices. And no, we are not talking about just desi parents. Taking a cue from this, Twitter has blessed us with "disappointed parents on flight" meme none of us was waiting for but equally appreciate nonetheless.

Not long time ago, in an interview with Sean Evans on wildly popular YouTube show "Hot Ones", Hangover actor, comedian, and licensed medical doctor Ken Jeong revealed that he had to stop the show and switch on his "Doc mode" during a comedy routine, when a member in audience suffered from a seizure.

But you are no Ken Jeong.


More recently, Dr Zhang Hong aboard China Southern Airways flight CZ3009 rescued an elderly passenger from severe abdominal pain and possible complications by sucking almost a litre of urine from his bladder. This was several thousand feet in the air.

Now, assuming that you are not a doctor by profession and aboard this hypothetical flight with your disappointed folks and say there's a medical emergency -- you'll find the following memes as relatable as they get.

Don't get it? Here you go:

Although the "disappointed parent" meme has been around for a while now, Twitter account, that goes by the handle @thedad, resurrected the format with a fresh take.

Journalists, cinematographers, PhDs, among others, came up with their own versions.

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