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It Took Just Two Days For The World to Start Searching 'Renee Gracie Hot' After Racer Turned Adult Star

Renee Gracie / Instagram.

Renee Gracie / Instagram.

Australia's first full-time female Supercars racer is now a much-searched adult film star and she has no qualms about it.

With a global pandemic at our doorstep and world economy tumbling by the day, it's harder than ever to stay afloat. To counter this, some took up part-time jobs to make ends meet, while others resorted to switching careers altogether.

The latter is what Australia's first full-time female Supercars racer did after she faded away from the track sometime in 2016-17.

25-year-old Renee Gracie, whose career peaked in 2015 when teamed up with Swiss racer Simona de Silverstro at Bathurst 1000, has called it quits to pursue a career in the adult film industry.

Before the world could raise any eyebrows, the racer said she had no qualms about the nature of the job as the monetary benefit from her new career was more than ever.

"It has put me in a financial position I could never have dreamed of and I really enjoy it," Gracie told The Daily Telegraph Australia. "I am fine with whatever they want to call me. I am earning good money and I am comfortable with where I am at".

Soon after her revelation, the world that had once forgotten her took to Google to know "more" about her. The more here simply means "Renee Gracie hot".

Gracie, an Aussie national, has a newfound "fame" across the world. This is quite evident in the striking contrast in her name search on google.

Credit: Google Trends

Same was the case in the United States where people looked up "Renee Gracie videos", "Renee Gracie photos" besides other searches.

Credit: Google Trends

A similar search pattern was witnessed back in India where search terms ranged from "Renee Gracie latest" to "Renee Gracie first video."

Credit: Google Trends

Subsequently, Gracie's Wikipedia page found more footfalls and searches than ever since the former racer made her new career announcement to the world.

Gracie's racing career went off track owing to some poor performances and lack of funding. But now she is happier than ever and financially content with her new innings in life.