'I've Got to be a Macho Man': The Song That Played at Motera Stadium to Welcome Trump and Modi

"Body, its so hot, my body. Body, love to pop my body" are some of the lyrics from the song 'Macho Man' played at Motera Stadium to welcome Donald Trump | Image credit: Twitter

'Macho Man' by the Village People is a common fixture in Donald Trump's own campaign rallies ahead of the Presidential election in November 2020 in the United States.

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  • Last Updated: February 24, 2020, 2:37 PM IST
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Donald Trump is a "macho man". At least that's what his followers in India seem to perceive him as.

As the United States President reached Ahmedabad along with First Lady Melania Trump for his maiden Indian visit, the country was more more than ready to welcome the delegation for the two-day visit.

During the first leg of the visit, the POTUS along with his family including daughter Ivanka and son-in-law Jared Kushner, attended the "Namastey Trump" event in Motera Stadium. And while several colourful, even bizarre, displays of cultural wealth were only to be expected as part of the welcome, a certain song seemed to have caught observers by surprise.

As the Republican made his way to the Motera stadium for the inaugural event, a curious song rang out across the stadium - "Macho Man" by the 70s American band "Village People". The song, which was released in 1978, is presumably about a "macho man" who everyone to "feel" and "check out" his "body".

Here are some choice lyrics from the song:

"Every man wants to be a macho macho man

To have the kind of body, always in demand

Jogging in the mornings, go man go

Works out in the health spa, muscles glow

You can best believe that, he's a macho man

Ready to get down with, anyone he can"

The next verses are even more sophisticated:

"Body, its so hot, my body,

Body, love to pop my body,

Body, love to please my body,

Body, don't you tease my body,

Body, you'll adore my body,

Body, come explore my body,

Body, made by God, my body,

Body, it's so good, my body"

And it goes on...

For those unaware of Trump's whereabouts in America, "Macho Man" by the Village People is a common fixture in his own campaign rallies even as the POTUS gears for a second Presidential election campaign in 2020. The US goes to elections in November this year with Trump trying to retain Presidency for a second term.

Many have previously been critical of the the use of the song, which seems to project a hyper-masculine and toxic image of men, as part of his election rallies. When it rang out in Gujarat on Monday afternoon in welcome of Trump, many on social media couldn't help but comment.

"Macho man" is probably the image of himself that Trump wants to project in the US. The phrase may also be in keeping with India's own Prime Minister Narendra Modi who is often projected by his followers as a hyper-masculine leader with a 56-inch chest.

Apart from "Macho Man", the event at Motera Stadium also saw several Bollywood songs being played before Modi and Trump took to stage.

Heaping praises on Prime Minister Narendra Modi, US President Donald Trump says, "India now holds a special place in our hearts. PM Modi started as a 'Chaiwala', but he won a big election with a landslide. PM Modi is a hardworking man and he has shown that anything is possible. He is friendly, but is tough."

After attending "Namastey Modi", the Trumps would be heading to Agra for a visit to Taj Mahal following wchich the team will head to NEw Delhi for the second and main leg of the trip.

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