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Japanese Mayor Suggests Men Do Grocery Shopping in Pandemic as Women Take 'Longer Time'

Representative image/Reuters

Representative image/Reuters

Matsui implied that men should indulge more in grocery shopping as male shoppers spending less time in stores would reduce the potential spread of the virus.

While the world continued its struggle against the deadly coronavirus outbreak, the mayor of Japan's third-largest city came up with bizarre and extremely sexist advice for citizens to follow during the lockdown.

Mayor Ichiro Matsui on Thursday said that men should be the ones to do grocery shopping amid lockdown since women apparently take longer to shop.

Matsui implied that men should indulging in grocery shopping could help slowing down the potential spread of the virus as male shoppers would spend less time in stores and more time social distancing.

Matusi's comments come when Osaka has been under a state of emergency since April 7 and the mayor suggested that there should be limitation with the number of people inside a grocery shop.

According to CNN, Matsui was addressing a press conference in Osaka when he said, "Women take a longer time grocery shopping because they browse through different products and weigh out which option is best," adding, "Men quickly grab what they're told to buy so they won't linger at the supermarket — that avoids close contact with others."

The sexist comment drew a lot of backlash on social media as and one from popular Japanese journalist Shoko Egawa, who said, "People who know nothing about daily life shouldn't make comments."

As per the report, although women account for 51% of Japan's total population but according to the World Economic Forum, Japan ranks 110th out of 149 countries in degrees of gender inequality. And this comes despite Prime Minister Shinzo Abe pledging for women empowerment through 'womenomics' policy.

Meanwhile, Japan has reported more than 12,000 positive coronavirus cases with a death toll of nearly 330.