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JCB ki Khudai: Elephant Stuck in Ditch Rescued Using Mud Excavator at Bandipur Tiger Reserve

JCB rescuing an elephant | Image credit: Twitter

JCB rescuing an elephant | Image credit: Twitter

A JCB excavator was used to rescue a female elephant that fell into a mud puddle at Bandipore Tiger Reserve recently and a video of the same has gone viral.

An adolescent elephant got stuck into a fresh mud puddle in Bandipur Tiger Reserve located in Karnataka recently. Officials from the forest department were called in for rescuing the elephant. The distressed mammal who was on its back and struggling to get out on its own was eventually pushed out of the ditch with the help of a JCB loader. The unusual rescue mission was captured in a video that has since been going viral on the internet.

The 45-seconds-long video was posted on Twitter by the official handle of Bandipur Tiger Reserve and depicted a female elephant struggling to get out of a puddle of fresh mud in the Moleyur range of the reserve. The jumbo was struggling to move out of the pool of mud for it was unable to stand on its all four legs. Taking stock of the issue, officials decided to use a JCB earth excavator and helped push the animal out of its misery. With the help of the powerful machine, the elephant was eventually able to find its feet and prop herself straight before slowly ambling out of the ditch.

The video has also shared by Ramesh Pandey, an officer at Indian Forest Service who tweeted it with the caption, “Sometimes wrong posture coupled with heavyweight in a slushy ground can make an elephant helpless." He further thanked the forest team at Bandipur Tiger Reserve for rendering timely help to the innocent creature as it was all exhausted. He also congratulated the rescue team.


The clip has received around 73,000 views so far and is attracting positive reactions from the Twitterati. While some are appreciating the rescue team for their commendable effort, others are feeling moved by the innocent animal in distress.

One of the users shared another video before the arrival of the rescue officials. Sharing the video, he wrote, “Moments before this great save the Elephant was battling hard." He praised the alert staff of the forest department for getting the job done using an innovative rescue operation instead of the traditional – pulling after tying ropes around the animal.

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first published:May 17, 2021, 19:19 IST