Jim Carrey Dressed as Joe Biden Became 'The Fly' on Mike Pence's Head on SNL

Video grab from SNL.

Video grab from SNL.

It was the surprise appearance of the iconic fly on Pence’s hair played by Jim Carrey that stole the show.

Emmy-winning comedy show Saturday Night Live, known for their hilarious political satires, took on the US vice presidential debate between Democrat nominee Kamala Harris and current VP Mike Pence.

However, apart from the debate, it was the surprise appearance of the iconic fly on Pence’s hair played by Jim Carrey that stole the show.

This week’s episode featured Maya Rudolph as Kamala Harris and Beck Bennett as Mike Pence in a spoof of the recent vice presidential debate. The cold open revolved on some of the highlights of the debate which took place last week. From Fracking, to “Mr Vice President I’m speaking”, to the fly which was on Pence’s head for an unusually long time.

It was Jim Carrey, who is playing the Democrat Presidential candidate Joe Biden who appeared as a fly on Mike Pence’s head towards the end of the cold open that has been the talking point. In the episode, the Jim Carrey version of Joe Biden appears on Mike Pence’s head after Biden uses the teleporter from the 1986 remake of The Fly. Biden uses the teleporter in order to support his VP candidate Harris in the debate.

However it does not stop there, Carrey’s Biden slowly morphed into a fly-Jeff Goldblum hybrid who starred in the movie. Actor and comedian Kate McKinnon, who portrayed debate moderator Susan Page also points out the fly on the vice president's head, which Beckett's Pence buzzed off.

Things got even weirder after Carrey's Biden was joined by SNL cast member Kenan Thompson, who appeared as a fly but shared he was Herman Cain reincarnated. The two continued to swarm about Beckett's head as Harris laughed while watching and snacking on chips and guacamole. Herman Cain was a former Republican presidential candidate and a businessman who died of coronavirus in July.

The first episode of the SNL 46th season featured Carrey's Biden debating Alec Baldwin's Donald Trump moderated by Beck Bennett's Chris Wallace.

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