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    Just Another Day in Florida: Alligator Casually Visits Golf Course, Stays Back to Sunbathe

    Duran Golf Club.

    Duran Golf Club.

    An employee of a golf course in Florida noticed an alligator casually making its way from the water to the grounds.

    Imagine being around the nine-hole on a good, sunny day and golfing to relax. Now, what would happen if a giant alligator walked right up to the golf course?

    That is exactly what happened in Florida. An employee of a golf course in Florida noticed an alligator casually making its way from the water to the grounds. The incident happened on Thursday at Duran Golf Club in Melbourne and the employee managed to quickly capture the whole thing on his phone.

    In the video, she can be heard saying, “just another day in Florida… wildlife on the golf course.” In the video, the gator walks really casually, as if he is a resident of the place, for around 30 seconds. He then suddenly comes to a halt and flops down, resting or sunbathing probably.

    The video has received many views and likes, and people shared their own gator experience in the comments.

    One user wrote about a neighbourhood where an alligator allegedly ate someone’s dog, another made a more poignant observation and stated, “So odd seeing people amazed by wildlife when they built a green grass play field over their habitat...”

    The state of Florida is surrounded by water and has a fairly large alligator population – nearly 1.25 million such reptiles are reported to live there. An alligator walking onto the golf course is not a new or distinct phenomenon in the state as most golf courses have a water hazard (a kind of a water body) and gators often make their way into it.

    However, they have also been spotted chilling on porches or other residential areas as well. Gators flourish around swamps, lakes, and rivers which Florida has aplenty. It was later reported that everyone on the golf-course maintained safe distance with the alligator and all went well.

    Formerly, an alligator (which got nicknamed as Chubbs) was also spotted in another golf course in Florida. In fact, he is a regular visitor at the Buffalo Creek Golf Course and there are many videos and photos of him on the internet.

    He also has a very minor fan following of sorts and has been featured in the New York Times as well.

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