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'Kambal Chor' Gets a New Meaning and it Has Something to Do With UP Police

Image credits: Facebook.

Image credits: Facebook.

What does 'kambal chor' really mean? Urban Dictionary may have an answer.

Anurag Verma
  • Last Updated: January 26, 2020, 1:43 PM IST
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What does 'kambal chor' mean?

While the recently coined phrase directly translates to 'blanket thief', Urban Dictionary will tell you otherwise.

If you have just tuned in, women across India have been braving the harsh winter and taking to the streets in peaceful protests and indefinite strikes for over a month to voice their concern against CAA and the National Register of Citizens.

Leading the protests against the amended act are the women of Shaheen Bagh who have steadily become the face of the mass moment across the country.

Inspired by this, the women in Lucknow gathered outside the iconic Clock Tower for a 24-hour sit-in protest last Saturday echoing similar concerns.

But they were in for a surprise. A nasty one at that.

Videos of Uttar Pradesh personnel "stealing" blankets and other essential supplies of overnight women protesters surfaced on microblogging site Twitter - much to the shock of everyone viewing it.

Cries of "Yeh chor police hai. Uttar Pradesh ki chor police hai (These cops are thieves, Uttar Pradesh cops are thieves)" can be heard in the videos that show the police seizing the blankets and other essentials.

Since then, many disgruntled citizens expressed their dismay against the police force for disrupting the peaceful protest by using the hashtag #कम्बल_चोर_यूपी_पुलिस (#BlanketThievesUPPolice).

While UP Police is yet to respond to the accusations, a curious Google search of 'kambal chor' will throw a bunch of media report results back at you, along with the "Urban" translation of the popular catchphrase.

On the Urban Dictionary website, the "top definition" of 'Kambal chor' states: "Kambal chor translations to "blanket thief" and refers to the police force of the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh."


This was brought to our attention by Reddit India user u/umarkhan13, who shared the urban twist first.

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