Kanye West's Reaction for Caught on Camera Is Reminding People Of a Popular Meme

Image credits: Twitter

Image credits: Twitter

The Wests had been at the restaurant the previous night, and Rizer and Andrea were ready with their phones.

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Fans often go to great lengths to take pictures with their favourite celebs. One woman in the United States, though, didn’t even have to move from her chair to steal a cheeky selfie with rapper Kanye West.

Daniel Rizer and his wife Andrea Rhodes were at a Cheesecake Factory restaurant in Dayton, Ohio, on Saturday night when Kanye showed up along with wife Kim Kardashian and their kids.

The Wests were in the city for Sunday Services, to honour the victims of a recent mass shooting, according to TODAY.

"We were seated near the back entrance and all of a sudden we noticed a lot of activity with security folks moving in and out the back door," Rizer told TODAY. "We looked outside and saw a large, black SUV and a gathering crowd. We asked our waiter what was going on, and he said, 'Kim and Kanye are back.'"

The Wests had been at the restaurant the previous night, and Rizer and Andrea were ready with their phones.

"We were both ready and anticipating they'd be coming through that back door," Rizer said.

"Our reaction was really just to snap a couple of photos as quick as possible for our daughter, Kayla Martens, who unfortunately wasn't at dinner with us that night and is a huge fan of Kim and Kanye's."

Rizer snapped several photos of his wife’s not-so-discreet attempt to score selfies with both West and Kardashian West, one of which was shared on Twitter by Martens.

The post soon went viral, with Kanye’s stiff facial expression leaving netizens in splits.

Several netizens were quick to spot Kanye’s closed fist in the picture and turn into a meme.

"Kanye definitely saw his reflection on my wife's phone as he was moving by. It was a funny look, but he was cool about it," Rizer said, adding his wife wasn't too happy about the post going viral at first “because she was 'having a bad hair day.'"

A Cheesecake Factory representative confirmed to TODAY Food that the famous couple dined at the Dayton restaurant for two nights in a row, ordering cheesecakes, “items from the children’s menu and more.”

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